Android App Development Trends To Come In 2023

Android users in the world occupy almost a whopping 85% of the market share in terms of mobile operating system usage.

It should not come as a surprise that there exist more than 3 million applications in the play store including categories like social media, gaming, shopping, and many more. 

When a company plans to build an android application, most of the attention goes to the android operating system.

The applications of android are user-friendly that’s why users prefer them more than anything.

Some of these innovative and groundbreaking applications will lead the industry in the forthcoming years.

Before hiring mobile app development companies, you must go through all the upcoming android app development trends.

As the popularity of the android service and the product is increasing, there are some recent trends and technologies that will come up this year.

Android App Development Trends To Come In 2023

Being a dynamic industry, there are radical changes that you should know about before adopting Android.

Only then can you expect to stay ahead in the world of mobile apps. The mobile application development company will help you in creating the applications as per the trend. 

Before hiring some of the best mobile app developers, there are some trends that you must know. It’s very important to do market research first and then go with your idea.

Let’s understand the android app development trends which can change the whole business this year.

  1. Android instant app
  2. Blockchain technology
  3. Machine learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI):
  4. Wearable apps
  5. Multiplatform development
  6. Google Assistant or chatbots
  7. EMM and APM
  8. Beacon technology
  9. 5G technology
  10. IoT
  11. Android Jetpack
  12. Kotlin Multiplatform
  13. On-demand apps
  14. Mobile wallet
  15. Augmented Reality
  16. Motion Layout
  17. Ecommerce
  18. Security and enterprise solutions
  19. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  20. Cloud-based Android apps

1. Android Instant App

You may be familiar with instant apps as it is common. But they are in the process of getting more popularity.

These apps help the users to try the games without even installing them on the device. As the users do not have to download the application on their device, it helps them to utilize the web fast, without any hassles.

This interesting concept is quite useful for gaming and e-commerce businesses where the size of applications is generally massive.

This type of instant app doesn’t fill up your device space and even reduces unnecessary system interruptions.

Given its ease, people are more likely to use such an app as compared to others and this will boost demand. This feature is very compatible across all android applications.

2. Blockchain Technology

This technology comes into the picture when your focus is on creating a decentralized app. Such a development solution also boosts transparency.

In this case, it even eliminates unauthorized access by utilizing strong security protocols. Such an android app development is highly beneficial for financial segments like currency exchange, banks, and others.

You need to contact blockchain development companies if you are planning on working with this. As per the survey, it is confirmed that 84% of global companies are actively engaged in this technology of blockchain.

Some of the primary advantages of incorporating blockchain technology are mentioned next:

  • It mitigates data loss
  • If there is any network failure then it stores the data for better performance
  • This type of technology is very safe and secure for data encryption.

3. Machine learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cloud computing has brought so many changes in the world of business. It has undoubtedly become the strength of the business.

Now, with the addition of the AI module, regular procedures will get augmented as performing tasks will become easy for businesses to handle.

According to research, productivity can be increased by 40% due to AI accessibility. For AI development, the strength and weakness are the versatility of solutions.

You can use them for incorporating image identity, automating different tasks, data analytics, and natural language processing (NLP). The training process is a little intense computing-wise.

4. Wearable Apps

As the popularity of wearable gadgets like the smartwatch is increasing day by day, the demand for this type of application has picked up speed.

Apps for wearables gather the information collected by the sensors and display it to the user. Based on the parameters, the user may be suggested to take some action or the user might himself/herself do it.

5. Multiplatform Development

You must have heard of flutter in app development. It is a relatively new technology that was introduced by Google.

Given its immense benefits, it will certainly be the future of android app development companies. This framework helps the application development by using the native interference of the platform like Android, and iOS.

Because of its flexibility and combination, this technology is adopted by many developers as a tool for building mobile applications. Some of the key reasons for selecting flutter are:

  • You can learn the features easily
  • Native design
  • MVP development.

6. Google Assistant or Chatbots

In the year 2022, different businesses and enterprises will find interest in combining the services and content of their applications with Google Assistant.

With the help of this, you can come up with a quick way to guide the users to use your app. As the possibilities of Google assistant are numerous, more mobile apps will integrate the famous virtual assistant this year.

This will become one of the major targets among several development teams. Always hire a software development company that has a lot of experience in this field.

7. EMM and APM

Enterprise mobile management (EMM) and Application performance management (APM) are two important elements of enterprise mobile app development.

This technology is mainly utilized for reducing the mobile app’s slowness. It will become an assurance tester of the quality of mobile applications.

This is not just helping the security and safety of an application but even allows the employees to have productive data exchange over mobile devices. Enterprise mobility solutions are best when you want to create your app.

8. Beacon Technology

Most businesses use this technology because it promises to target clients uniquely. Mobile gadgets in the same range can be connected.

This can be done by this technology as it is a transmitting gadget.  For some the businesses like restaurants, and shops this is one of the useful features to notify the customer about their shop.

This will help in sending the information related to nearby restaurants, discounts or special offers and many more things.

This is one of the reasons that Android applications are becoming extremely popular. This type of gadget is becoming popular among developers rapidly.

9. 5G Technology

If you have ever used a 4G network then you can understand the power of 5G. It has a lower latency and the number of devices that can be connected is higher.

With the high ratio of the frequency and the speed of 100 GBPS, 5G is turning out to be a superior technology that will make the life of users faster.

To improve business performance you can create a feature-rich application and 5G will improve business performance via better customer satisfaction.

10. IoT

IoT means the Internet of things. The smartphone is no more luxury. It’s as necessary as any other important material which is considered a basic requirement.

With so many advanced smartphone applications, it is easy to connect with smart gadgets for shopping, sports bands, smart TVs, and many other wearable gadgets.

As the price of gadgets is going down, it is becoming cost-effective for the household too.

There are likely to be 75 or even more billion connected gadgets by 2025. For Android, development cost-effectiveness is one of the important things.

11. Android Jetpack

This technology is a complete suite of tools, libraries, and guidelines which aim to help android app developers in building advanced applications.

The main purpose of the technology is to ease the regulation of development jobs. Google comes with documentation that makes it simple for developers to utilize these tools.

The prime elements of this technology are behavior, UI, Foundation, and architecture. It will make app development easy and more fast-paced.

Hence, this has become one of the most recent Android application development trends.

12. Kotlin Multiplatform

This technology comes with great features for developers. This can be used as a replacement for flutter when it comes to multi-platform projects.

The experimental features that come with the latest versions of Kotlin have made it a buzzword for many.

This will also help in sharing codes between platforms. This even supports the technologies and systems like Windows, Mac, Linus, JVM, JavaScript, Android, iOS, and embedded systems like STM32.

It helps in speeding up the development procedure and hence saves a lot of time which the team can use in difficult tasks.

13. On-Demand Apps

To boost the experience and service of the clients, android apps are the best at their jobs. On-demand application is one of the growing things in app development and will lead android application development in 2022.

Such applications will help in completing your daily tasks without facing any problems. There are so many purposes that can be fulfilled by on-demand solutions apps such as healthcare, grocery, beauty, food delivery, food, and retail, among others.

After knowing the location of the user, it becomes easy to provide the needed service. With the help of on-demand applications, clients can receive instant services.

14. Mobile Wallet

You may be familiar with this technology as there are so many applications that have come up with this feature.

But it is not as popular yet. In the coming years, this feature is bound to be more popular. Many industries use these mobile wallets which can make the work of users easy.

Some applications use this as a payment gateway as well. In 2022, the target will be to boost the security and accuracy of wallet apps. This will help the customers in making direct payments without making any transactions.

15. Augmented Reality

If you know about virtual reality then it is all about buzzwords. On the other hand, augmented reality is more common in android mobile applications due to easy integration.

By the year 2023, augmented reality is going to reach its peak and will make a lot of profit according to recent research.

It is not about replacing the artificial world with the original world. It is mainly about presenting more data or objects in reality for more entertainment and better visualization.

16. Motion Layout

This is a type of layout that developers can utilize to handle widget motion and animation in their applications.

It is a part of the ConstrainLayout library and is compatible with Android 4.0. This library helps developing teams in filling the gap between the layout transitions and complex motion handling easily since this tool comes with an enriched choice of features.

17. E-commerce

In most Android devices, you will find eCommerce applications pre-available since a large amount of the revenue is generated from this.

As people are getting crazy about online shopping, there is a big scope of e-commerce android apps this year too.

Any eCommerce development company in the market for some years will have vast experience with this.

18. Security and Enterprise Solutions

The clients need to feel relaxed when it comes to mobile gadgets despite them not being bank apps. The majority of users have protection on their smartphones.

Always Hire dedicated developers who have a lot of knowledge when it comes to android app development and can ensure the security of customer data.

19. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

It is one of the latest standout technologies which helps publishers to boost their visibility in mobile search.

This technology helps and improves search engine optimization (SEO), thereby making sure that businesses increase their reach. Many factors impact the website ranking such as speed and performance. 

20. Cloud-based Android Apps

Nowadays, operating mobile apps have become hard without cloud space. This helps in the burden of heavy data loading that is turning towards cloud-based apps.

The users can use these apps anytime and anywhere to load their data into the cloud.


Every year comes with so many innovative ideas which change the life of customers. If you are planning to create an application then the above-mentioned points’ upcoming trending solutions will help in growing the business’s return on investment (ROI).

You can even hire a mobile app development company as they have a lot of knowledge in the technology field and experience too.