top whatsapp marketing service providers in inida

Top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers In India

Whatsapp does not support any kind of advertisement. To reach a wider audience, it is required to employ additional channels, such as WhatsApp marketing software.

Businesses are utilizing WhatsApp marketing more and more as SMS marketing gains popularity. Because WhatsApp Marketing has made brand advertising so simple and popular among b2b businesses all around the world, not just in India.

WhatsApp Marketing Software is a solution that enables you to send bulk messages to millions of customers effortlessly.

Due to the numerous advantages, it offers in a single service, WhatsApp Marketing is one of the most well-liked and effective marketing techniques used by companies.

Most users get confused by selecting a WhatsApp Marketing Services Provider, here, in this article we are providing you with the list of the Top 10 WhatApp Marketing Services Providers In India that will help you to choose the best service provider for WhatsApp Marketing Services for your Business.

Top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers in India

Data leaks from private, secure sites are beginning to raise more than just a passing worry. Customers respect secure systems highly. Internet consumers are getting tired of the generic, lazy, and targeted ads that come from bots.

WhatsApp is a fantastic option for many individuals since it has developed a reputation as a reliable platform that encrypts discussions and doesn’t reveal information. Customers typically consider it to be a secure and private location to connect because there are no adverts there.

Firm accounts must be verified in order for users of WhatsApp Business to know they are chatting with a verified business.

The top WhatsApp marketing service companies are listed below to support your business. You may reach your consumers through WhatsApp marketing companies or service providers, including small- and large-scale business owners.

  1. GetItSMS
  2. 99SMSService
  3. Gupshup
  4. Netcore
  5. Textlocal
  6. Twilio
  7. Message Bird
  8. Vepaar
  9. TheWorldText
  10. Whatso

1. GetItSMS


If you’re looking for a Bulk WhatsApp Message Service Provider in India and other Indian cities, GetItSMS is one of the best and most reliable service providers. 

Utilizing WhatsApp If you run a business and want to inform your customers about the services and products you offer, GetItSMS can connect you with your ideal audience. 

However, GetItSMS has served tens of thousands of customers throughout the city and enjoyed doing so.

Additionally, this platform has been offering services in the field of WhatsApp marketing for the last eleven years, and they still maintain that they will always offer their services in the best possible method. 

GetItSMS, a service provider, offers customers a free WhatsApp marketing demo that includes a trial of five SMS.

In addition, new customers who select the service receive a 5% discount. GetItSMS prioritizes sending WhatsApp marketing messages swiftly and affordably because the platform is aware of how crucial it is to contact customers as soon as possible.

2. 99SMSService


With over 95000 customers nationally, 99SMSService is a well-known WhatsApp marketing service provider in India. 

So, even though this service provider has assisted numerous Indian clients, they are still producing clothing.

Businesses must constantly provide their clients with something fresh and original since they need their target market. 

As a result, people may start to recognize your company as a reliable service provider. This is the aim of this business.

99SMSService offers WhatsApp marketing services for the lowest prices, with SMS rates as low as 8 pence.

3. Gupshup 


According to Gupshup, a provider of WhatsApp marketing services, businesses can begin conversational SMS on any channel. The user may claim that they have agreements with mobile phone companies, service providers, and media outlets that grant them exclusive rights. 

A few examples of Gupshup channels are Instagram, RCS, Telegram, Gupshup IP, Whatsapp, and Google Business Messages. This platform also includes Messaging API, Conversations, Conversational marketing, and Bot builders. On this website, users get access to much more.

4. Netcore


With a variety of tools that aid in recruitment, engagement, and retention, Netcore Cloud, a multinational Martech product firm, helps B2C brands build outstanding digital experiences. Netcore Cloud, the first and top AI/ML-powered marketing automation and customer interaction platform, was founded in 1997 by internet pioneer Rajesh Jain.

You can only send WhatsApp messages to clients who have chosen to accept communication through this channel by using Netcore. Make your messages interactive by including rich media, such as photographs, QR codes, audio, movies, PDF files, or GIFs. Utilize clever routing logic to plan customer trips and provide contextual WhatsApp messages. 

Get up-to-the-minute analysis on the effectiveness of messages sent and peruse our dashboards filled with data.

5. Textlocal


Another well-known service provider in India that offers WhatsApp marketing is Textlocal. You can get in touch with the Textlocal team if you want to use WhatsApp Marketing Service to get in touch with potential clients who are interested in your goods and services. 

WhatsApp Marketing is used by the majority of companies in India to engage with their customers, but Textlocal has always stood out since it makes its services available to customers. You can get the company’s best offers for clients on the website when you go there. 165,000 consumers are presently served globally by the business. 

The company has collaborated with tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, not just in India. Given that it has served clients from all over the world and has differentiated its offerings, it is clear that the organization is skilled at working with enterprises.

This will be your finest choice if you’re seeking services to advertise the goods and services your company offers. Without a doubt, its services have made it possible for businesses to use WhatsApp Marketing.

6. Twilio


One of the best mass WhatsApp marketing tools is Twilio API. It enables on-demand menu updates for your phone. Twilio has enabled millions of app developers to utilise the power of communication to enhance any human experience.

By virtualizing the global communications infrastructure with APIs that are easy enough for any developer to use yet robust enough to power the most demanding apps, Twilio has democratized communication channels like chat, phone, email, video, and text.

Twilio provides more than just connectivity with integrated tools and software for visual workflows, interactive buttons, analytics, and template message management. With Twilio APIs, sending WhatsApp messages is quick and secure. 

Use the Programmable Messaging API to integrate WhatsApp and other communication channels like SMS and MMS, or the Conversations API to plan multichannel, multiparty interactions.

7. Message Bird


Everywhere on the globe, through any channel, and always in the proper context, Message Bird drives communication between companies and their consumers. It’s nearly certain that any time you’ve placed a takeout order, returned a product, contact customer support, or asked for a login code, Message Bird’s technology was at work.

Businesses can streamline discussions using their consumers’ chosen channels, including Whatsapp, Instagram, SMS, Wechat, Voice, Messenger, Email, and more, with the use of the products, tools, and omnichannel solutions. 

This adaptability provides rapid, safe, and secure access to the information end users need. Additionally, they won’t have to repeat themselves too many agents and will have more time to engage in their favorite activities.

8. Vepaar


BOTs have not yet been made available on WhatsApp’s mobile app. The greatest WhatsApp marketing platform for small and medium enterprises is WhatsHash, which is always active.

The business began as a side project in 2015. To develop a seamless and successful business on WhatsApp, they have now served more than 3000 satisfied customers, remain a 100% founder-owned firm, and are also profitable.

Their main office is in Ahmedabad, India. The Vepaar Chrome plugin has every feature you require to set up your WhatsApp business page, engage with clients effectively, track your sales pipeline, develop an online store, and conduct surveys.

9. TheWorldText


The initials TWT stand for TheWorldText. TheWorldText is your best choice if you’re searching for a WhatsApp marketing solution because it will benefit your company and give you access to its first-rate service. 

Businesses across the nation can benefit from a wide range of advantages provided by this corporation. Businesses have picked this organization to offer them WhatsApp marketing services.

As a leading firm in the nation, TheWorldText continues to offer its clients the greatest and most reliable services, and these clients are grateful for this company’s support.

10. Whatso


Whatso enables website development companies to communicate with their customers using a variety of channels, including WhatsApp, Voice, SMS, and Email. 

Whatso offers a user-friendly marketing automation tool so you can wow your clients with first-rate support. 

What is a comprehensive marketing software solution for companies of all sizes? Whatso has been establishing connections between businesses and their customers on millions of devices worldwide since 2019.


The service provider provides the services that are essential for the growth of leads. Businessmen need to choose the service provider that provides effective services efficiently.

Just keep in mind the needs of your business before choosing the service provider. Above are the top 10 WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers in India that will help you to choose your company or Business.