Interview with Rahul Mathur Founder of Arka Softwares

CompaniesDekho team had the opportunity to interview Rahul Mathur the Founder of Arka Softwares, and discuss his service offerings and how they anticipate positioning their organization in the future.

He is helping businesses leverage technology to achieve their goals faster, Over the last 15 years, he worked with 1000+ businesses ( Solopreneurs to 5000+ Workforce companies ) around the globe to do the following.

Eventually, he built a solid nomenclature that uniquely integrates human capital and technology.

This concept helped businesses swiftly move to the salesforce cloud and monitor the important lines of business from anywhere.

Even after his active involvement in every task in the office, he never forgets to take some time off to spend precious time with his family.

Below, you can see the full Q&A and learn more about Rahul Mathur Founder of Arka Softwares.

1. What do you think your company’s mission and vision are?

ARKA Softwares is working with the mission of transforming the future of information technology. We offer advanced mobile app development services and web development services with innovative and efficient software to modern investors and entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to gain the trust of our clients with utmost satisfaction with our stable services and robust app development process.

Our mission is to provide optimum honesty and quality of work by focusing on technology, commitment, and quality assurance helping our clients in a better way.

2. What changes would you implement during your first year in the company? How would you build a 5-year plan?

At the primary stage of the company, I will create a work-friendly environment in our company. Initially, I will understand the prerequisite for clients proceeding with the project planning phase. 

Our five-year plan comprises the stagewise progress in project planning, carrying out successfully with optimum app development phase and completing in the set time frame. 

We will develop a system to integrate each app development phase and progress to acquire the desired outcome as per the plan. 

3. What would you do in your first 30 days as CEO of your organization? 

While holding my responsibility as CEO, I will initially examine our company’s market position and challenges to acquire the topmost position in the industry.

Further, being a CEO, I will gather information about the core challenges my team faces in completing the projects. In the primary 30 days as a CEO, I will examine the quality of department, sales, and customer services.

It would assess the process to spend some time reading our customer’s emails, listening to customer calls, and observing the sales meetings keenly to implement hospitable and professional strategies to strengthen our clientele base.

4. Who do you believe are your biggest competitors? How do you differ from them?

Well, we are our competition, and as per our company policy, we always want to become better at providing the best services according to the need of the clients. However, multiple established and global brands aspire to grow more on the global platform.

Therefore, continuing the healthy competition, we take learning from their achievements. According to my knowledge, there is always to learn from the competitors, and surely there are many things to acquire from all the established brands ruling the global IT industry.

5. How do you assess the role of research agencies like Companies Dekho in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?

As a CEO of a popular IT company, our primary policy is to provide the utmost satisfactory services to our clients.

The emerging research agencies build upon their core concentrations of collecting rigorous data collection and assessment, providing our businesses more clarity with the evidence base, which helps us to progress with data-driven strategic decisions. 

Surely it bridges the gap between service providers and clients by reforming the procedure of developing research tools, data collection, and analysis according to which immersive knowledge is developed within the market and recommendations according to the gathered information. 

6. What do you think are the biggest challenges your industry will face in the next 5 years?

Our company is constantly progressing with novel ideas and strategies for innovation and client satisfaction. Technology has sporadic nature and constantly gives surprises.

Although, as per my vision in the next 5 years, the major challenges with data protection management, increasing IT skill gaps, and security threat management will be the topmost challenges for the IT industry.

Well, the solution is continuously developing life update digital policies, secured data flow, and AI integration in internal procedures are some of the modern solutions to these challenges.  

7. What are the most helpful technological platforms and tools you have used? Would you implement them in your organization?

Using AI, ML, and Big Data in my business strategies has been one of the best experiences. It would surely love to implement these in our business infrastructure.

Every business must go through the upgrading with recent technological trends hitting the floor consistently. It will make us lead in the competition comparing our rivals.

We operate with laudable and dedicated programmers, developers, and engineers who stand out in various platforms being updated with the latest technology advancements, which further help in website and mobile application development.

8. What is the most innovative product or service you’ve worked on?

Being in the IT business, I go through many surprises, but there is an innovative concept that thrills me to pieces. It is the social media integration with the in-house business resources.

It is a strategy that provides a progressive lead to emerging platforms to build a successful business for attaining novel heights.

9. Describe your rationale before you make a big financial decision. What criteria do you use to decide which products or services to invest in?

While I will surely discuss it with my team, there are certain points I consider thoroughly. Before making any big investment decision, it will thoroughly analyze the financial records and situation. 

Primarily to ensure a successful investment, I will figure out the company’s risk, goal, and tolerance capacity.

Evaluating the comfort zone to take the risk, I will derive the approximate ratio of investment maintaining the emergency funds and employer’s stocks. 

10. Imagine that a service you launched recently and that service failed your expectations. What are your next steps?

Well, I don’t imagine failures, jokes apart! If something like this happens, I will surely examine the competencies behind its failure. In any launched service there is thoughtfulness, effort, and capital invested. 

Hence rather than discounting it, I will prepare for the relaunching by rectifying the possible mistakes. I will rather launch the service with a new name and a novice sales, marketing, and advertising strategy.

11. What is the best and the worst part of being a CEO?

There are many best, and I would not say worst, but yes hard part of being a CEO. 

Considering the hard part of being an entrepreneur, I have experienced every aspect of my business from starting. 

Hence the challenging aspect is to let go of the minute details and empower other people to have my ideas and passion in life.

But the best part is quite beautiful: to see my company evolve according to the set mission, vision, and values.

12. Name two strengths and two weaknesses you have and how they can impact your responsibilities as a CEO.

Sometimes I am too critical of myself, a pattern I’ve noticed in my career. Previously at the start of my career, this aspect led the negative thoughts and burning out self-talk. One solution I implemented is to pause actively to celebrate my achievements. 

It positively impacts my self-esteem and has developed as a habit. I praise my team over the small success, but yes, I critically look over their work and progress as there is always a scope for improvement.  

13. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career? How did you overcome it, and what did you learn from it?

There was a client who contacted us for eCommerce website development. Due to some delay in handing over the project with his expected, he was not satisfied with our services. Some days later, that same client contacted us with a new project requirement for website development. 

It was because he connected to many of our other satisfied clients. The major learning, we took is to follow the deadlines, and customer satisfaction is one of our prominent responsibility.

14. How do you prefer to communicate with your team to assign responsibilities to them? 

While assigning responsibilities to my team, I will work with an open-door policy where anyone can ask their queries, pitch ideas, and voice concerns at any time.

Further, I will ensure that the entire team is aware of the project scope and that every member has clarity about their role in the ongoing project. 

Being a technology geek, We install project management software to manage transparency within the board, providing the team members with the platform to track progress, team collaboration, and check the due dates and other relevant details. 

15. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to people management?

Being a CEO, I go often deal with alike situations. Managing different people with different mindsets, skills, and talents performing on a competitive platform is a major challenge. 

The major challenge is that this competition decreases employee performance, leading to poor teamwork and communication. Yes, there are some difficult employees to manage, which is also a challenge.

16. How would others define your communication style? Do you prefer to be close to your employees or maintain a healthy distance, and why?

According to me, others would find my communication style assertive to a great extent. Yes, I prefer to be close to my employees and maintain respectful and productive communication at the workplace.

Being an Assertive communicator, I share my thoughts and ideas confidently, being polite and respectful and polite.

Having my employees close help, me to understand their challenges and weaknesses, which I can help to overcome.

17. Describe a time when two team leaders or executives had a conflict. How did you handle the situation?

In multiple cases, I manage such conflict politely and smartly. I respect nature’s diversity and understand that different people can have different opinions. The difference in thoughts often leads to conflict.

In such a situation, I will collaborate with people to solve the issue in a manner that is mutually beneficial for everyone affected.

Certain instances make me defensive while I try to express my opinions. I am practicing handling this behavior, carefully thinking of my words while responding.

18. Describe a time you had to make a tough decision (e.g., budget cuts, organizational restructuring, market withdrawal, etc.). What did you do, and what was the result?

Covid times were a challenge that made us take some tough decisions. I had to deal with a 20% departmental budget cut which impacted my staff with a significant quantity of stress.

I knew that maintaining the staff salaries and managing the core functions running during the pandemic phase was quite difficult.

We might have to sacrifice certain projects to meet the set budgetary guidelines. I conducted an internal audit and contacted my team to discuss most of our popular free programs and excluded projects with the lowest engagement, enabling us to spend less on resources.

19. What, according to you, are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

Client satisfaction is the foremost focus of our company. The best practice to attain client satisfaction is to understand the customer’s requirements before starting the project.

Developing a customer-centric culture makes the staff concerned about meeting client needs and requirements. 

Asking the regular feedback and working on the project in the client’s shoes will empower us to put more effort into attaining client satisfaction.

20. You are the CEO & Founder of Arka Softwares, can you please share some interesting stories, experiences, and projects that you are proud of?

Well, every client leaves us with some stories to discuss. Considering the interesting one, the Australian start-up company second-hand car market connected us for the website development project. 

We developed the website within the budget and time frame, excluding all the additional charges. The client was extremely happy and satisfied with our work as we developed an SEO-friendly and advertisement acceptance website, which provided recognizable growth to their company.