Interview with Vikash Soni Co-Founder of DianApps

CompaniesDekho team had the opportunity to interview Vikash Soni the Co-Founder of DianApps, and discuss his service offerings and how they anticipate positioning their organization in the future.

A techie turned entrepreneur of a Website and mobile app development agency operative in 3 nations.

The thing he is best at helping people with ideas to become entrepreneurs with apps that lead the store and the world.

In 2017, he co-founded DianApps to convert this ability into a business that shares the same vision, without thinking of a bottom line.

Today, in a matter of 4 years, they have built a name in the industry as an agency that works as an extended team of clients.

His mission to keep ideas and innovation above profit margin has made us the engineers behind some of the most pioneering and disruptive app solutions in the world.

Below, you can see the full Q&A and learn more about Vikash Soni Co-Founder of DianApps.

1. Tell us about yourself and how you start your career in IT Sector?

Hey, I am Vikash Soni, I am the co-founder of DianApps. I have been working in the IT industry for the past 11 years and I don’t want to sound biased but the journey has been great and enthusiastic.

I started my career as a QA engineer and worked with many IT firms which enabled me to gather top-notch experiences.

Today, after a lot of hard work and ups & downs, I established my own verified software development company in 2017, DianApps and today, we have built a name in the industry as an agency that works as an extended team of clients.

Our mission to keep ideas and innovation above profit margin has made us the engineers behind some of the most pioneering and disruptive app solutions in the world.

2. Tell us in brief about your company and its leadership.

DianApps is a software development company, conceived in the year 2017 with the intent of refining the digital landscape that shapes our client’s vision into reality.

We offer one-stop services starting from mobile app development, digital marketing, and website development, to AR/VR, UI/UX designs, and wearable technology.

Apart from that, we have recently unlocked another service based on the trends- Blockchain Development.

We have completed 4 successful years and have collaborated with many top giants like Uber, ParagKhata,  Thousand Miles, and MyShift, and the list is only growing. 

Speaking of leadership, we started with only a few members, and today the company has expanded to 220+ skilled and trained employees whose contributions have painted success and achievement in the books of IT history.

3. What is your outlook for 2023?

Well, we have planned a lot for the 2023 outlook. Starting from expanding our business in the USA marketplace, to focusing on gathering more leads from Canada, helping shape the software development trends, building a stronger network, and accelerating the digital transformation covering the areas of business resilience, customer engagement, and employee productivity.

4. How do you assess the role of research agencies like CompaniesDekho in bridging the gap between clients and service providers?

According to me, agencies like CompaniesDekho have been a great & helpful platform for us in bridging the gap between clients and service providers.

Platforms like these have streamlined the process of finding relevant clients as per the niche while from the client’s perspective, they can seamlessly look for the companies with just a few clicks.

The platform has majorly benefited us and our clients to find each other which has greatly impacted our workflow and saved time wandering.

5. Any particular technology or industry you would be targeting? How do you plan to prepare your workforce for the upcoming technology upgrade?

For many, it is indeed important to stay on top of the list and take up new challenges in order to grow as a company.

At DianApps we follow the same rule. We are planning and have begun targeting new industries and technologies to stay on top and give the ultimate to our clients.

Our plan is to prepare the workforce for the upcoming technology upgrade by investigating technologies that will resolve problems from the user’s and client’s front.

Apart from that, we are planning to integrate new tools to train our employees and keep them updated with the latest trends and technologies, use culture as your ‘secret sauce, sharpen our value agenda, and lastly treat talent as scarcer than capital.

6. What all services do you think you would add to your offerings in 2023?

A bunch of exciting and trending services is what I am planning to add in the coming year of 2023.

Something which has already been in the market but quenches with our upgrading mission and vision.

I would like to mention a few of the offerings we are planning to execute in 2023:

  1. Accelerate the digital transformation
  2. Ubiquitous artificial intelligence
  3. Internet of Things
  4. Cloud Development
  5. Metaverse

7. What are the challenges you see in the In Information Technology industry, and how much you’re prepared to face those challenges?

Information Technology is rife with challenges and opportunities. There are plenty of options to learn new and exciting skills, and also to earn high salaries.

Although with new technologies invading, IT staff and management are not always on the same page.

This can be due to workload, skills gaps, digital transformation, budget, leadership support, project management, and whatever else.

However, I and my team are all charged up and prepared to face the challenges as we already are well aware of the factors that might influence the workflow and are full-fledged in finding a solution.

I am sure that till the time the industry is struck. My company might have a well-versed and thorough outcome.

8. What, according to you, are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

A very important aspect of any business is to attain maximum client satisfaction, after all that’s how the cycle of business works.

Understanding the level of satisfaction that clients have for your business is important because it helps you understand what you’re doing right, as well as shows you areas of your business that need improvement to ensure that you can always meet customer expectations.

The best practices to attain client satisfaction are:

  1. Understanding your customers
  2. Creating client-centric culture.
  3. Always ask for feedback
  4. Respond quickly
  5. Provide proactive support
  6. Personalize your client service.
  7. Be honest and clear about the next step.

9. How was the Company culture? How does Your company stand up for?

When I was at the idea stage of establishing DianApps, my intentions and vision were clear.

To create an atmosphere that is loved, encouraged, and cherished by the people of the company.

The company culture at DianApps falls under four characteristics that motivate our employees exponentially, they are:

  1. Learning opportunities
  2. Affirmation for employees
  3. A sense of community
  4. A place where employees have a friendly space to have fun and communicate freely.

My purpose is inclined toward employee satisfaction and happiness as they help make a business outshine tremendously.

10. What engagement models do you offer at your company? How should a client choose?

Our engagement models differ based on the level of the client’s involvement in the project and their expectations.

However, we offer an outstaffing and technical partner engagement model at our company.

The advantages of choosing this engagement model are:

  1. Ability to quickly scale a team up or down
  2. Vast background industry-specific knowledge
  3. Full control over developers’ work
  4. Profound analysis of your business needs
  5. A broader scope of expertise

11. You are the CEO & Founder of DianApps, can you please share some interesting stories, experiences, and projects that you are proud of?

Well, there’s so much to cover in just one question. Although conceived in the year 2017, we have accomplished many interesting stories, experiences, and projects.

I would like to share a few of my favorites. So our most remarkable accomplishments and proud projects are UberEats, Pagarkhata, Keratin, and many more!

The interesting part about working with these top-notch clients is to learn and explore so much that it can also be implemented in our future projects.

We have a number of reputed clients around the world. But, we are still in the building process.

We as techies, don’t think as satisfied with what we have done in the past. We are so clear on our vision and moving years toward making many big impacts in the future.

On everything, I have one thing to say here “we have a unique identity as a Flutter app development company”, as for now.

12. What is your company’s future mission and vision?

When I started DianApps, our main mission was to create a place where our clients could engage with the guarantee that their apps will never face the fate of bug-filled applications: Abandonment.

Our vision is to make the app economy glitch-free, something that we have excelled in achieving through every single one of our 200+ apps.

Our motive is to thrive brilliantly and ease the working environment for our employees because they hold the future of DianApp’s success.

13. What changes would you implement during your first year in the company? How would you build a 5-year plan?

Helping your business grow and thrive often requires implementing changes throughout the season.

In my opinion, during the first year in the company, the changes must be simple as small changes make big differences.

I will learn, engage, & communicate with the employees and clients. And while building a 5-year plan, a clear mindset of what you want your company to achieve and what measures and strategies the company has been following must be considered.

Being a CEO, I would analyze past performance and target or make changes in the default plan that might give a positive output in the future.

Not to forget mentioning, I will consider the opinions offered by the team. This is how I would build a 5-year plan for my organization.

14. What would you do in your first 30 days as CEO of your organization?

To be a good CEO, you must have a good feel for the organization and set targets that drive its performance.

In my first 30 days as CEO of my organization, I would understand my new role, work with the management team, and understand clients’ & employees’ expectations.

Apart from that, I’ll identify the milestones that the entire team can monitor and take action in critical situations.

To sum up, I will listen and learn from my employees and try to create a place where everyone is heard and encouraged to excel.

15. Who are your biggest competitors? How do you differ from them?

Well frankly, our biggest competitors are ourselves! We are always working and completing our old functions and trying to do better each year.

I don’t think comparing to other companies is a fair answer to this question. As well all are here to establish ourselves in the market and only we can be a better competitor against ourselves.