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According to me, agencies like CompaniesDekho have been a great & helpful platform for us in bridging the gap between clients and service providers. Platforms like these have streamlined the process of finding relevant clients as per the niche.”

As a CEO of a popular IT company, our primary policy is to provide the utmost satisfactory services to our clients. The emerging research agencies build upon their core concentrations of collecting rigorous data collection and assessment.

Platforms like CompaniesDekho are a boon to society. Not only do they help service seekers in finding a relevant vendor, but they also showcase a genuine image of the service provider, which users can rely upon.

Vikash Soni

CEO, DianApps


Rahul Mathur

Founder, Arka Softwares

arka software ceo

Assim Gupta

CEO, Closeloop

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CompaniesDekho is a popular platform for B2B Services and Companies. In our business service directory, we provide trusted B2B service companies prepared by both experts and actual users so you can easily find the best solution for your business. In addition to B2B companies, you can also benefit from comprehensive studies, reports, and statistics thoroughly prepared by our research team.

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CompaniesDekho is a Marketplace that connects you to top digital marketing agencies, software development firms, mobile app development firms, website development companies, & more.

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CompaniesDekho experts have helped numerous start-ups & businesses get their projects off the ground. If you are unsure how to start, they may be able to help!

"CompaniesDekho has proved to be my one-stop destination for doing business research and getting better market insights. CompaniesDekho also helped me to find the best companies available in the market. Thank you CompaniesDekho... "

Ayize Jonse

CompaniesDekho Reviewer

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Companiesdekho is a top b2b rating and review platform for Software and Service Marketplace where businesses search, compare reviews and pricing, and then take Services and buy Software at Discounted Prices.

CompaniesDekho is free for users to browse the top website development, mobile app development or software development companies etc. and select the one that fits their requirements and budget. Similarly, the companies can increase our ranking free at CompaniesDekho by updating their complete profile. Moreover, they can get the rating and reviews listed by their clients for multiple projects to increase their rapport and showcase their portfolio for users to peruse.

The term ‘Get Listed’ is the pathway for vendors to get their services/software solutions listed at ComapniesDekho. In other words, this term means ‘getting registered’ with CompaniesDekho by filling the form on get listed page. You will find this button on the homepage also, that will redirect you to the registration page.

The companies providing services in any of the following categories:


  1. Web Development
  2. ECommerce Development
  3. Blockchain Technology
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. SEO services
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. App Designing
  8. Web Designing
  9. Big Data & BI
  10. IoT Development
  11. AR & VR 

CompaniesDekho provides equal opportunities for all sorts of b2b service companies to get showcased in the upper positions of the ‘Directory’ list, where thousands of prospects visit every single day, looking for outsourcing IT services/product. CompaniesDekho understands that every company has a specific budget for marketing itself in the market. Thus, CompaniesDekho offers a pretty reasonable pricing chart for companies to become sponsors and boost their way past their competitors towards the top. And well, acquiring top positions reciprocates with the attention of a higher number of prospects with a much better chance to grab the challenging projects at a faster pace.